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Commissioning a new work on behalf of an ensemble or in commemoration of an event couldn't be simpler. Reference the chart below as you build the budget for your individual project—simply calculate by multiplying the per-minute rate by the total project length you desire, keeping in mind that there's a minimum price point for each genre.













Once you know what you’d like to commission, there are many ways to go about funding it. While fees are negotiable to a limited extent, there are various other aspects of the collaboration that are naturally much more flexible, such as adapting the length of the work and the size of performing forces. If your institution does not have the funding for a specific project you have in mind, you're welcome to talk to Daniel directly about either scaling down the proposed work to fit your budget or finding additional sources of funding to match the amount needed.

There are many ways to fund a commission, and regardless of which route you choose, please realize how significant of an impact you’re already making just by deciding to commission a new work of art. Throughout history the patron has been a crucial link in the creation of music’s greatest masterworks. Today this is the way we will keep great art living and breathing far into the future, and an opportunity for you to leave your stamp on a timeless gift to future generations. 

At the present time, Daniel is unavailable for residency bookings other than the premiere of commissioned works. For composer-in-residence events, masterclasses, school visits, etc. please check back later. Feel free to complete the contact form below with your ideas or with any questions!

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