• Daniel Elder

This post will be very brief.

It's a tough time for most musicians, especially those in vocal music. For composers out there who are hurting from the reduction in performances, hang in there with me. In a period where we're unable to put as much music into the world we must try to find other ways to speak. This blog is my attempt to spread a sense of unity and hope when it can't as effectively be delivered through musical performance.

If you read this and have strongly disagreed with my past writings, that must be frustrating; I'm sorry. I'm here today to tell you, the strongest dissenter currently reading, that you are appreciated. I'm not a threat to you. You needn't fear these demons summoned by our media and politicians; that the aged specters of prejudice and bigotry are once again at our doors. I myself tug at the weak points of our current social movements to help all, not to hurt any, even if that's hard to understand right now. So for what it's worth, take heart that I am not your enemy. You won't silence me—but also you shouldn't feel the need.

If you read this and agree that there's something wrong in the present, I hope my words help you to feel that you're not the only one. If you've disagreed with a friend and been called a bigot, don't let that seep into your soul. If you've lost a job, a reputation, or even a loved one over some difference of perspective—or are simply reduced to silence for fear of the above—take heart and stay true to your conscience. Have faith that you, not they, determine your innermost self. If you ever feel alone, or you need a word of reassurance, I will be here (

Whether you're for equality of opportunity or of outcome, whether you ascribe to the teachings of King or Kendi, whether you vote Red or Blue, I'm here to help. Let me help by giving you music. Let me help by offering words.

No matter who you are, you're not alone.