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I've added the tab to my website but I haven't yet started to write. There's a hitherto-unacknowledged part of me that deeply cries to exist more recklessly but honestly, casting away the prefabricated mold in which I began my career and exclaiming boldly my individuality from the status quo. For those of you who used to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you may well know of my recent experience with being 'othered' for briefly daring to be this person. It wasn't the first time, but it was the last time. In a way it conveniently nudged me towards making a big decision I had long considered—I chose to leave those platforms entirely. Hence here I am, considering establishing this sole platform from which I can Come Out to the world. Do I feel that the national choral music body is heading in a healthy direction? Is our current generation allowing itself breathing room to encourage each musician's full potential? Want to hear what I really think about what's going on this summer? Stay tuned. Either I'll sober up and this tab will quietly disappear...or you'll be in for quite a ride.

I appreciate each and every one of you. Just keep singing,


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To help mitigate the financial impact Covid-19 restrictions have had on music ensembles I am significantly reducing my commission fees.

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