• Daniel Elder

Don't Censor Me

As a writer of music, verse, and prose, I stand passionately against today's unprecedented threat to free speech and diversity of thought. I won't accept censorship, nor will I allow it on others. The following poem is inspired by a recent drastic increase in the corporate policing of social media content:

Who am I?

I'm every citizen of my nation.

I'm every denizen of our world.

I'm every critical thinker.

I'm every devil's advocate.

I'm every conspiracy theorist.

I'm every banned tweeter.

I'm every flagged poster.

I'm every demonetized uploader.

I'm every harassed publisher.

I'm every hushed conversation.

I'm every unvalidated worry.

I'm every closeted criticism.

I'm every trust shaken.

I'm every truth hidden.

I'm every character assassinated.

I'm every speaker picketed.

I'm every legislator threatened.

I'm every business shuttered.

I'm every problematic person.

I'm every backwards belief.

I'm every oppressive opinion.

I'm every armed defender.

I'm every brave peacemaker.

I'm every—

The establishment instructs our thought like never before. Organizations in every vocation are parroting one another's narrow rhetoric. If you feel something different, relish that freedom and strengthen your resolve. For my fellow creative artists, I wish for all of us that finding this courage will enrich our mediums' messages all the more.

Yours in art and thought,


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