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An announcement about social media accounts

As of June 2020 I permanently removed my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. I believe these platforms are encouraging a very dangerous division among us—a divide that is exponentially growing year-by-year—something very much out of line with what I strive to achieve as an artist. I am extraordinarily grateful for the following I have achieved in only eight years as a professional composer. Social media was valuable for advertising, but I've learned over the past decade that it isn't the path towards musical and commercial success—it is merely an illusion. And though it incrementally helped me gain visibility when I had none, now that I have more fully emerged as a figure in the music world I deem it time to abandon this particular path in favor of a more traditional public presence. This is both out of an acknowledged privilege and gratitude of having achieved said visibility, and out of a more personal desire to stake my public position against the harm these platforms are doing to our cultural and political relationships. As a composer I've sought and will always continue to seek ways to unify our world through the power of the music I create. I strongly believe it's the ways we agree that are important, not the ways we disagree. For me the cost of social media has finally outweighed its benefits.


I sincerely thank all of you who have followed my accounts these past years and encourage you to follow my YouTube channel. There I will continue to post the newest recordings of my work for you to see, hear, and hopefully enjoy.

For those of you who are just beginning to follow careers in composition, I encourage you to make your own decisions about these platforms and I don't expect you to follow mine. But do remember that you don't have to use social media to find your audience. It may take longer, but it's entirely attainable. I achieved all my major successes entirely offline and you can too. 

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